Do not Underestimate Kidney Function In Body

Kidney disease can be caused by diabetes or hypertension. Therefore, one way that can be done to prevent kidney disease is to control both diseases. Because, if blood sugar and blood pressure levels are not controlled, then over time the kidneys will be damaged. If you experience symptoms of kidney disease or have a history of kidney disease in the family, patients are advised to undergo regular checks in fortis bannerghatta road .

Kidney consists of one pair of organs, namely the left kidney and right kidney. Each kidney is about 10-12 cm or as large as a fist, and contains about one million nephrons, a very small blood filter. There are various kidney functions that have an important role in the health of the body. Various kidney functions include the following:

– Filter the blood. All the blood in the body passes through the kidneys several times a day. When the kidneys filter blood, the urine will be created from residual substances and excess fluid in the body. Urine is then flowed through the ureter to be taken to the bladder and removed as urine.

– Monitor and control the water balance in the body, and ensure that the body tissues receive enough water to work properly. The kidneys react to changes in water levels in the body throughout the day. This is because the kidneys are the key to the breakdown of urine chemistry. When the water intake in the body is reduced, this kidney function will adjust to take the initiative to store the remaining water in the body, rather than throw it away.

Once the importance of the role of the kidneys in the body, then it should be if both the kidneys maintained health to always be able to function properly. Although humans can live healthy and normal with just one kidney, having two healthy kidneys is certainly better. Maintaining health and kidney function can be done by maintaining blood pressure and cholesterol, eating low-salt foods, eating more fruits and vegetables, diligently exercising, drinking water often until the urine is clear, do not smoke, do not consume too much alcohol, and maintain weight ideal.

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