The Changing Gadget Innovation

Times are growing, technology is speeding up. New innovation continue to emerge and change the way people do their activities. Walkman is the first mainstream gadget that was introduced in 1979 – 1980 in certain areas. By using this device, users can listen to music on the go, including when exercising or in the car. This product is called innovative because this model comes 30 years before the presence of portable multimedia device files made by Apple, iPod.

iPhone, a mobile phone without any buttons. When the iPhone was launched around June 2007 and then, not so many devices equipped with a touchscreen. This device kicked off with a screen that is large enough at that time and only armed with a single button. This device is called innovative because it is able to combine a highly responsive screen, multimedia player, and equipped with the ability to surf in cyberspace, with an interesting form that eventually became the standard for smartphones in circulation today.