Battery Facts You Did Not Know

As users of a smartphone, we must be required to know about the phone in order to use it in an optimal way. One of the smartphone sides that is often not noticed is the battery problem. Many smartphone users do not have the ideal knowledge of batteries. Although impressed simple, it can make the battery that is embedded in the smartphone quickly damaged and even endanger the wearer. Exploded. So you have to know a unique fact that when you use the phone, you will not regret it. The phone battery will not be fully charged when you finish charging the smartphone at the phone charging station rentals for events, it will look like a mark or a percentage that says when the phone battery is fully charged with another word has reached 100%, but this kind of thing is just a hoax. Almost all smartphone batteries never reach 100% power after you do the charger and the largest power that is arranged to be accommodated in one battery in fact only up to 89% only.

Such things are done by every battery manufacturer so that their products are always stable and not easily damaged. If the battery is set up can save up to 100% power then there is a chance that the battery will be damaged later or even explode when overcharged. Therefore you should not force the battery is always charged so that the battery is not easily damaged. Charge the battery again before the battery completely runs out of power. Forget all the suggestions that you have to charge up to 15% or even 10%. It’s all wrong. Battery smartphones are generally Lithium-ion battery type that can produce a maximum performance when the power reaches 50%. Therefore, you can immediately fill in the sign when the battery shows 30% and the battery charge from the lowest power in a continuous way, for example under 10% will actually cause battery damage and reduce age, in other words, its life. However, you also do not have to charge for a long time because Lithium-ion batteries can overheat in other words overheat or explode.