This is what the body experienced when consuming Ayahuasca

Many people think that consuming ayahuasca is the same as taking drugs such as drugs or marijuana. However, ayahuasca is clearly different from the two plants. For more details about ayahuasca, you can read at Ayahuasca is actually a kind of plant that grows in the Amazon Forest and is often used as consumption by local people. However, the effects given by ayahuasca on the body are very different from drugs and the like. People who consume these plants will experience hallucinations after half an hour to consume them. The hallucinogenic effect will also not disappear for another six hours.

The hallucinatory effects of these plants are not the effects of being unconscious and other worlds, but they will experience past experiences, emotions and find peace in their souls. They also will not hear voices from those around them, but hear angry voices, and will be more receptive to the circumstances they are facing. Those taking the drug are also fully aware that they are hallucinating.