Tips for Beginner Backpacker to Singapore

If you are planning to travel to Singapore alone then it would be better if you read the tips below. To save costs, if you also want to get a tour ticket at an affordable price then it would be better if you buy it at singapore attractions ticket. Well here are some Tips for Beginner Backpacker to Singapore!

1. Plan a trip with detail
Before leaving, do some research and make travel plans including where to stay, places to go and transportation needed to go from one place to another. Also find out about the price of airline tickets, hotels, and tourist attractions. Write everything in one book and this will be your grip on the trip. Do not be afraid to change the plan because sometimes not all always go well.

2. Find cheap food
One way to reduce expenditure in Singapore is by not eating in fancy restaurants. The majority of Singaporeans choose to eat on food street/hawker like Chinatown Food Street or Lau Pa Sat because the price is cheaper. There are various menu choices from Chinese food such as Fried Noodle or Hainanese chicken rice; Indian food like biryani rice and curry, also dessert like ice podeng. With $ 15 you already have a filling food and drink.

3. Ready to walk a lot and rest
Sometimes the distance from one place to another in Singapore is within walking distance. Therefore should keep your body stamina before leaving. Wear sports shoes or strong canvas shoes also socks that absorb sweat. Try to return to the hostel before too late (cultivated before 22:00 hours) to have enough rest time before the road again tomorrow.