Prepare Your Exciting Reunion!

After graduating from high school, you and your friends will split everywhere. Some go to college abroad or in the country. Or maybe some of your friends are decided to get married. Well, you may miss the nostalgia to the times where you learn together, do silly things together, or even make love. Therefore, here are some ways to make the renunciation more exciting!

1. Karaoke
Who does not like karaoke? Singing with a voice is barely okay, but the most important thing is sing-along. At school or college, you may know your teacher or lecturer as a figure who never smiles. Now, with this karaoke session, do not be surprised you see the other side of your teacher or lecturer! In order to make your karaoke event even more festive, it will be better if you do it in Bouncy Castle Hire Limerick .

2. Make Potluck Party in the garden
Common reunion events are formally packaged. Let your reunion show more warm and friendly, why not hold potluck party in the open garden? Potluck party is a term for an event where each participant carries one type of food or drink. You can make pasta and pizza, or buy a typical snack from your city. Eat all the dinner while chatting with the green of the plant.

3. Reuse your school uniform
Dress reunion code is usually batik or formal free clothes. This time, replace it all with your school clothes first! It would be amused to see your face is too old wearing back high school clothes. You will be surprised to see your changes and make the reunion more unforgettable.

4. Party costumes
Reunions wearing clothes that are uniform colors are common. Try it, make a costume party all! 80’s costumes can be one of the themes of a unique costume party. Setting up his clothes is a bit complicated, but it will all pay off when you and your friends see yourself dressing up “crazy”. Back to the young age first!

5. Collect old photographs and make a face-to-face quiz
If you want your reunion more exciting, do not let your old school photos just a display. Make the pictures game material! Your faces will change a lot. Well, to remember each other again, make a guessing quiz face wrote.