What is Solar System?

Solar Energy System (Solar System) is one of renewable energy (renewable energy). The sun (solar) is the energy encountered in the galaxy system, which produces energy that is collected directly from sunlight. One example of solar system utilisation is a solar home system where energy from the sun is converted into electrical energy for life and human needs every day. To know more about off grid solar system, you can visit our website.

Basically, Solar Home System is a form of application from solar power, the solar power plant is a simple concept. That is to convert sunlight into electrical energy. Solar natural resources are already widely used to supply electrical power in satellite communication solar panels. This solar cell can produce unlimited electrical energy directly taken from the sun, without any parts that spin and do not require fuel. So the solar cell system is often said to be clean and environmentally friendly.

The solar cell system used on the surface of the earth consists of solar panels, charger controller circuit and 12-volt batteries that are maintenance free. The solar panel is a module consisting of several solar cells incorporated in series and parallel connections depending on the size and capacity required. Which is often used is a 50Wp module. The solar module produces a proportional electrical energy with the surface area of the panel exposed to the sun.

Solar Home System Components

1. Solar Module

2. AC Module

3. Controller

4. Battery / Accu

The electric load for solar home systems is generally just an energy-saving lamp because for a considerable load of solar panels it has not been able to fulfil it. Therefore, solar panels are only suitable for remote areas that have not received electricity from electricity centre. Because generally they only need lighting to support the feasibility of their lives.