Health Problems Come after a Broken Heart

There are a number of surprising things about broken hearts that you never expected before. Every separation not only drains your emotions but also your body’s health. Research proves that a broken heart can cause real physical impairment, even in some cases, it can become very serious. Well, if you are currently experiencing a broken heart and you do not know how to overcome it then it’s good if you consult the right people. One of them that you can trust to solve your problem is ayahuasca healings. You can visit the website first at to get more information about it.

So, what exactly will happen in the body when you’re heartbroken? Here’s the review!

Spotty and hair loss
Common cause factors of acne besides pollution is stress that can actually lead to inflammatory acne. Researchers say, as much as 23% of cases of acne inflammation appear when people are under very high stress, such as when a broken heart.
Stress also causes hair loss. Stress hormone production will loosen hair follicles gradually, causing strands of hair to fall off when combed or while you’re washing your hair.

4. High blood pressure
Blood pressure may increase temporarily when you are under stress, but stress alone cannot be ascertained as a cause of chronic high blood disease.

5. Broken heart syndrome
When under severe stress such as a broken heart, sometimes some of your heart will grow temporarily and cannot pump blood properly. While the function of the other heart parts will work very well, and can even contract very strongly. This condition can lead to severe short-term heart muscle failure. Technically, this condition is referred to as induction cardiomyopathy stress, but it is often referred to as “broken heart syndrome”.