The risks of charging your phone on a laptop

For those of you who actively move outside, would have been no stranger if you have to travel to bring power bank; so if the smartphone battery runs out you have no trouble. Because you do not want to be bothered carrying laptop and power bank in the bag, you may prefer to charge smartphone using a laptop. Recharge your smartphone with a laptop you may do in an emergency. But do not do it often! Because there is a danger that threatens if you often recharge smartphone with the laptop. Therefore, it’d be a wiser decision for you to look for the reliable cell phone charging lockers if you have to recharge your phone in public.

The Dangers of Charging Smartphones Using Laptops

Some laptops are equipped with a gimmick ability to charge a smartphone. In fact, not infrequently the laptop manufacturers make it as a selling point. Though charging a smartphone using a laptop it can cause the following dangers:

1. Smartphone gets damaged overtime at a fast rate

Although the flow of electricity generated by the smartphone can be used to refill the smartphone, the electric current is removed from the laptop’s USB port is not strong. Because of recharge with a weak electric current, the impact of recharge the smartphone became a long time. What is the continued impact of the old smartphone battery charging process? You are using it during the refill process. As a result, your smartphone battery will not last long.

2. It causes the laptop’s battery to deteriorate faster

Because the same holds the power to be used at a later time, then technically the laptop is the same as the power bank. No wonder then you use a laptop to recharge the smartphone battery. But you need to realize also, because of the same with the power bank, the laptop battery also has a life cycle or life cycle.

If you frequently use a laptop while charging your smartphone, your laptop battery will quickly wear out. This happens because when used to refill the smartphone, the laptop battery so quickly run out, so make it fast to be in-charge again. The more often recharged, the laptop battery life cycle faster and faster.

3. The risk of Data Theft

By using the ‘Handshake’ processor pairing process between smartphone and laptop when connected, hackers can steal smartphone data recharged using the laptop. This happens because the process of ‘Handshake’ creates device name data, device manufacturers, device type, serial number, firmware information, operating system information, file list, to electronic ID chip of smartphones readable by laptop.

Well, this process opens the chance of hackers to steal data on smartphones. By utilizing a special command that is tasked to install the root system on a smartphone, hackers can easily steal all the data on your smartphone.

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