Tips to Clean Glass Fragments on the Carpet

When things made of broken glass on the floor, then the pieces into the carpet, the cleaning process becomes a chore to do with extra care. Glass fragments scattered on the floor can be cleaned with a broom and sponge. However, cleaning glass flakes hidden on the sidelines of the carpet requires a separate method. Therefore the easy way to clean it is to bring it to the best laundry you can find at But you can also clean it yourself even if somewhat more difficult, following steps that must be done!

1. Secure the prone area
Make sure your child and pet are away from the point around the broken glass. Wear footwear before stepping on a broken glass area.

2. Protect the hand
Wear gloves and grab a piece of glass slowly. If there are no gloves, you can use an ice cube tool.

3. Prepare old newspapers
Place broken glass in old newspapers, then wrap and discard. Repeat until all the big shards are gone.

4. Use a vacuum cleaner
Take a vacuum cleaner and use it to clean the carpet from small pieces of glass. When finished, immediately empty the vacuum cleaner and remove the dirt to prevent things that are not desirable.

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